Day Three of South Vietnam Tour

Today we cruise along Mekong River and visiting one of the deltas along the Mekong River. Well, at first I did not expect Mekong River to be as wide. It was more like a sea basin rather than a plain water river. The other side of the river seems to be really distanced away. Since this is the first time for me to visit such a large river, there are number of things that caught my attention.

First, I have seen many of the following thaw boat floating around. Those will full load would sink a bit deeper into the water, such that you would thought that it was such a shallow boat. Later, I realised that it could carry amazingly large amount of soil. I also kind of regret it not to be able to find the answer as to why there was so many of these thaw boats with those soils going along the river.

Bridge under construction Thaw boat

Secondly, I also notice that there was this petrol pump located along the riverside. Well, if you think further it is probably quite common considering that those ships surely need somewhere for refuelling. However, when I noticed it first time, it thought it was just a bit strange. May be because back in Indonesia (Surabaya to be exact), I have never saw petrol pump along the river side. But, again, back in my city, there wasn’t that much ships either going through the river.


Petrol pump on the river

So those are some interesting thoughts on this third day tour. =)

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