Day Two of South Vietnam Tour

On day two, we visited a number of South Vietnam well known tourist area. Most of these places are located quite distanced away from the CBD. It took around 3 hours drive. The first placed we visited were Cu Chi Tunnel area. Then we went to the War Museum that is located nearby. Then before going back to our hotel we visited the first Budhist Temple built in Vietnam.

Looking through few pictures of Cu Chi district below, you could figure out directly why they won the war. Through this vast network of small tunnels, they could pretty much put traps and ambushed the enemy everywhere they want. The size is of course does matter, it is really uncomfortable to goes through their underground tunnel.

Just show up from tunnel Going down the tunnel Closed entry

Opened tunnel entry

Standing at the tunnel entry

Having tried one of the shortest sections of the tunnel, we have to squeeze ourself through. Although only 20 meters in between, it was totally an exhaustive exercise. You have to squat all the way through. The number of junction we met along the way, as well as the total darkness also made us a bit nervous. I then realized why they have so many guides along the entry. Going through this tunnel is free though, but you just have to wait for available guides (= guards). If you want more information references, please refer to Cu Chi Tunnels at Wikipedia.

Then we went to the first Budhist temple in Vietnam. Historically, it was co-developed with Chinese Kingdom. I only took few pictures of the top part of the temple, since it was quite unique. In the past, they import these top figurines directly from Chinese. The other parts of the temple were similar to other common Budhist temple in Vietnam.

Our last stop was War Museum. There was huge collection of past weaponry as well as historical record that explains how bad the war was. Although it was quite obvious there was biased toward the winning side, this museum could also opens your eyes towards the violence and injustices that are done by the Americans during the war. I guess for most of us, we usually only know the story from the U. S. side. Obviously, you can see that both are not lying, but they just wouldn’t let you know the whole truth.


Opposite a canon Opposite a captured US heli

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