Experience in Studying Mandarin @ SNU, part 1 (Administration & Accommodation)

This is my short writing, trying to provide a glimpse of my experience studying Mandarin at Shanghai Normal University (SNU), XuHui campus. The University’s location is quite convenient; nearby there were Shanghai South Station, Xu Jia Hui shopping complex, and TrustMart (similar to Carrefour hypermart). This campus is divided into two region by a main road.

Overall, the university is pretty good, in fact the dormitory I lived in at the moment, was much better (and slightly cheaper) than the one at UIBE, Beijing. There are three main dormitory allocated for International Students; XueXi Yuan, Guo Jiao, and Wai Bing Lou. I heard there are also few others, but I wasn’t quite sure of.

XueXi Yuan and Wai Bing Lou is located close to the center of the campus, therefore it is quite convenient when in comes to finding meals, convenient stores, and many others. These two dorms, however, can be pretty quickly filled up. Usually, you need to reserve them months in advance. Nevertheless, if you couldn’t get any room, and still want to move there, you could register for waiting list down at ICCS.

Now, you might be wondering, what on eart is ICCS anyway? The university allocated two departments in dealing with International Students; ICCS (International College of Chinese Studies) and ISC (International Student Center).

ICCS only handles matters related to the actual study, such as curriculum, student registration, class allocation, extra-curricular classes, and few others. Sometimes though there are of course, other non-study related, such as New Year’s party and holiday trip. They also provided assistance in finding Chinese tutor in case you want one.

ISC handles matters that are permit/visa related. These include residence permit and the necessary health check. Similar to ICCS, they also have other programs, such as competitions and holiday trip.

Now, back to the accomodation issue! I live in Guo Jiao. It is actually a hotel owned by the University. They charged slightly more expensive, and managed more like a hotel than a dormitory. The upside is that it is more quiet, closer to the main road/bus stops and better quality furniture. The downside, however, is that there are no kitchen, the desk isn’t that suitable for study purpose, and there is only central Air Con. Furthermore, it is also allocated next to (outside) the campus. Therefore, it could be quite a fair distance walk to go to the class or (inside campus) canteen.

The reason a lot of people stay in Guo Jiao, is simply because there aren’t enough rooms at the other dorms. Many people actually put their name on the waiting list once arrived and do get allocated on the other dorms after few days/weeks. So the waiting list isn’t that bad.

In terms of the actually budgets, Guo Jiao charged $65/night and $90/night for shared double and single consecutively. Other dorms, depends on the size of the rooms, charged between RMB 75-85/night for single. Security deposit was RMB 2000.

Ok, so that’s it for now. As usual, I attached few photos for you to have a look for yourself.

Room @ Guo Jiao 1 Room @ Guo Jiao; inside view
Bathroom 1 Bathroom 2



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