Japan: Glorious Food

Japanese has been known to create really diverse variety of food and they don't hesitate to adopt ideas from overseas and customized them to local taste and ingredients availability. Here are some photos I took when I was travelling over there…

Kyoto Station – Ramen food court
Ramen1 Ramen2


Conference Banquet – Uosaburo
Banquet1 Banquet 2
Banquet3 Banquet4


Sushi by the counter – Musashi Sushi… I think
Sushi Sushi


Ice Creams
Green Tea Ice Cream Black Sesame Ice Cream


McD's prawn burger
McD Prawn Burger
Takoyaki Pizza – somewhere around Kyomizudera Temple
Takoyaki Pizza Takoyaki Pizza
Takoyaki Pizza Takoyaki Pizza


Indo Curry Station (Shin-Osaka Station)


Funky Bread Shop in Tokyo Downtown
Bread Shop Bread


Pork Broth opposite Hard Rock Care Roppongi – very tasty…
Pork Broth Pork Broth


Traditional Food
Traditional Food Traditional Food
Traditional Food  


Krispy Kreme XMas specialities
Krispy Kreme Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme Shop  



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