Japan: Narita Express

Most comfortable airport train I've ever experienced!! That was my first impression of Narita Express which connecting Narita Airport (Tokyo's main international airport) to Tokyo City Central.
So, whats the big deal with Narita Express? It runs about every hour, although it is not so packed most of the time. It is very comfortable, and cleaned up thoroughly each time they returned to the airport…. and if you wonder how do I know if it is cleaned up regularly?.. I will tell you more about "me being trapped" experience…

Ok, the detail cost of Narita Express can be found at Narita Express website. If you purchased the Japan Rail Pass before-hand, you can claim the ticket for free, but depending on availability, you may have to wait for the next train. Otherwise, the ticket can purchase separately for about 3000 yen. It took about an hour between the airport to the city center.
So, here are some items that I found to be quite impressive.
1. Very clean and thoughtful toilet
2. Waiting room with air conditioner
3. Comfortable seating

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