Maglev Experience

Standing next to the Maglev
Standing next to the Maglev
My SNU campus was located quite far away from Pudong Airport. This time, since I’m going back for short holiday I was thinking of giving Shanghai Maglev train a try. Well, not much baggage to carry, so I was thinking of using subway and Maglev train all the way from campus to the airport. Here are my short journal.

Few months ago in Beijing, my close friends were planning to have gathering in Shanghai where everyone will visit Shanghai together. Unfortunately, everyone (including me) was having their own plan and necessities to do. Therefore, the plan was off.

The distance from SNU to Pudong Airport was quite far. I haven’t yet to measure the actual distance from the map, but subway seems to be more convenient, especially during rush hours.

Maglev tracks before the train arrived
Maglev tracks before the train arrived

So, this morning I start my journey with getting taxi from my dorm (国交, 55 Guilin Rd) to subway station at Shanghai Indoor Stadium. Cost only RMB 18. I guess the taxi driver was a bit disappointed, thinking that I may take taxi direct to Putong Airport, which I figure would cost a lot more (probably about RMB 150).

From there I took line 4 going to Century Avenue, and then changed to Line 2 going to Laoyang Road, where Maglev station is located. The station was quite impressive, although could have been better if it is recently repainted like the subway station. You could see the photo here.

The ticket cost RMB 40 for single trip with “flight passenger” discount. This discount only requires you to show your ticket (if asked for one). The ticket guy was actually quite friendly and can speak pretty good English. At the beginning, the ticket cost feels quite a lot for China but compare to the taxi fare for 30km, probably differ by quite a significant amount.

Maglev Train Station

Overall trip feel like 5 mins. It was a bit jittery (I heard it was due to subsidence on some area where the track was built on. It was also a bit noisy, but overall, it was quite a worthwhile experience. Well, afterall it is the only commercially available Maglev in the world!

So, that’s it. I have attached few photos for you to have a look at. And maybe if you interested you could take the VIP one (cost around RMB 80), and could post a photo for others to have a look at.

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