PHP Survey

This is a (individual) thesis project which outcome has been used by University of NSW, CSE (School of Computer Science & Engineering) Department since its first release. It allows online editing and deploying of survey in easy and flexible ways. The system also includes features in inviting respondents (using secure tokens), results analysis, cross-comparisons of result. It also has an attractive and user-friendly interface. Until Oct 2004, more than 5000 copies have been downloaded.The summary of the project is available on .
phpSurvey screenshot 1
phpSurvey screenshot 2


This is a distributed system that has been developed as a group work during year 2002. The system is server-client based that allows many (stock) traders to trade shares in an easy and manageable ways. Oracle was used as the backend DB. Some features developed are:

* (Impressive) charts generator and user interface.
* Make use of SOAP as the communication protocol between client and server.
* The user can also find some news regarding a share and their company.
* There are two types of clients. The first client system was developed as desktop based application (built using Java Swing for platform independence) and the second client system is accessible through the web (developed using JSP)

iBroker screenshot 1

iBroker screenshot 2iBroker screenshot3

Self-Escape Mining Simulation

This is a 3D simulation application that has been built as the first released prototype of a simulator that is going to be used as a means of training and testing in the mining industry.The project is a group work project that consists of four people. As the lead-developer, I have the responsibilities in designing, implementing, delivering as well as managing a group of four developers.The result of this project has successfully discovers further possibilities and prove of concepts for further advancement of this research area.Comments from the Project Supervisor (Dr. Phillip Stothard):
“Excellent student, very motivated, natural leader, and extremely competent… I’m very impressed with his application and direction”
Mining simulation 1Mining simulation 2


This is a simple HTML pages that was used in the UNSW Mining Research Center, Virtual Reality Project. It consists of numerous links and some objects. Whereby the user can click on the links to launch particular applications. I guess it can be done in other common languages, such as VB or others, but HTML made it more flexible and easy to modify.It is available at:
Note: Most main links would not work since it was meant to be deployed in local PC desktop environment as application launcher only.

Chevalier Resource Center

This is a website I built in 1999 using PHP. It has a user-friendly interface, whereby the user can get the printer-friendly version of any page (other than User’s Feedback) available. All the links are generated dynamically to ensure reliability and more efficient ways of maintaining the site. The original site, however, has been replaced due to organisation’s changes. So what’s available in the link below is the “old” site which I developed previously.It is available here:
Chevalier website1Chevalier 2
Chevalier 3

HCOS Website

This is a dynamically generated website I developed during vacation period year 2002. It was developed with (PHP) PostNuke. The core functionalities was modified slightly to fit the company’s requirements. Part of the features was multilingual (Indonesian & English language) and automatic processing of Word-generated HTML document. Hence it allowed the user to edit the main HTML document in word, and uploaded directly to the page.It is available here: