Shanghai: Transportation to Shanghai Pudong Airport

Shanghai has two airports; the newest one is Shanghai Pudong Airport. While the smaller airport, Hongqiao airport is located quite close to the city center, it is not so with Pudong Airport. It is widely known that no matter where you live in Shanghai, the distance to go to Pudong Airport is quiet far, and can be quiet expensive to use taxi all the way. After few trials and hints from my friends I finally managed to find much better (cheaper) alternative.

From where I live (Shanghai Normal University, Xuhui district), usually it will cost around RMB 160 to use taxi all the way to the Pudong Airport. In the past, I have used Maglev to reach Pudong Airport. Although it cost much cheaper than taxi (around RMB 60), there is still much cheaper alternative, that is Airport bus.

The closest (Airport) bus stop to SNU is Shanghai South Station, located pretty close on the South direction from the University. I used taxi to reach the station; cost only RMB 11. You certainly can use other means, such as bus or subway, but I wouldn’t recommend it, since from subway station, there is still a fair distance in between. I can be quite confusing for first-timer, since the area was pretty huge, and the nearby hotel kind of enclaving the station.

Shanghai South Station Airport Bus stop
The total trip took around 45 minutes and the ticket itself is only RMB 20. There is also 20 minutes interval in between, so do come early to ensure you won’t be late catching the flight. It runs between 6:30 – 21:30.
The bus stops at Terminal 1 at ground floor, which were of Domestic Arrival section. International Departure section is on the third floor. I couldn’t recall if I see there are any stairs, but there are a number of lifts can be used to go to upper levels. Also, be a bit careful on knowing whether your check-in counter is located on Terminal 1 or Terminal 2.In case you need to go to Terminal 2, you need to first go to level 2, then from there just follow the direction sign. It took around 15 minutes walk to move between terminal.

However, catching the bus from the other airport is quite a different story though. It was a lot of convenient. You only need to follow the directional sign pointing to “Airport bus”. Once you reach the bus stops, you can select which bus to ride on (the one going to South Station is Line No. 7).
FAQ and Hints:
The front wheel of troleys at Pudong airport has this brake mechanism when you use those horizonal elevator, which prevent you from wheeling the troleys. To still be able to wheel it, you can try to tilt the troley so that the front wheel won’t touch the surface. That way you can still continue walking.
Below is the list of airlines departing from Terminal 2. You may be able to use it to determine whether your flight will depart from Terminal 1 or 2.
List of arlines depart from Terminal 2

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