Tasmanian Trip

I have heard people saying there was nothing in Tasmania, some even made comparison to a jungle located somewhere remotely. Regardless, I think Tasmania was actually a pleasant place for a relaxing holiday. All the beautiful scenery is easily accessible within driving distance from the city center. This time, I took my family for a week away trip in Hobart.

Wrong time indeed, I went there during autumn season when almost everywhere you go it was quite windy and cold. Even worse, some tourist activity such as harbour cruise was closed.
On the other hand, winter was not so bad, considering almost all tourist spots was rather empty, so there wasn't so much crowds.
What I particularly like about Hobart was the fact that quite a number of tourist spots can easily accessible via driving.
Mount Wellington
Elsewhere, you probably will have to drive for hours to reach the mountain peak, not the case here though. You can reach the peak (or at least where you can see the whole city of Hobart) in less than an hour.
Word of warning though, it took us longer because we rely on our GPS!! Apparently the GPS will point you to the wrong side of Mount Wellington, and there was not direct link road connecting in-between! So we have to go back to the city then took different route. So, I would strongly advised to ask locals before you start driving and in the middle of the trip.
The other tricky bit, is when you're driving up the mountain. There was sharp turn right to reach the viewing platform. During our trip we didn't miss by that much, because you can actually feel when you start going downhill.
Hobart CBD
Hobart CBD was actually pretty impressive, afterall this is capital of a state where the Australian Government's NBN (National Broadband Network) will be launched (Tasmania first to receive super fast broadband). Most of the places in the CBD can be covered with walking, and it was actually quite pleasant to walk around the CBD.
During our stay in Hobart, we also managed to visit Salamanca market (photos below)
Salamanca market Salamanca market
Port Arthur
By far, Port Arthur was the place where most tourist will go to.  It is quite a large complex covering many historical remains. There was also short cruise covering the surrounding island. Driving there took a few hours from Horbart, but the driving was quite easy, although you've to be a bit careful when driving, the speed limits are varying especially when you're passing towns area.
 Port Arthur 2
Port Arthur 3 Port Arthur 4
Port Arthur 5  


Huon Valley
Huon Valley was quite impressive especially for city dwellers. We have had a chance of observing huge trees in the real environment, instead of just the picture of it. Some may boast that there were also many larger trees existed somewhere deep in Amazon or other jungle… but the fact is, are you really going to be able to observe them via driving comfortably within few hours from the city center?
Huon 5 Huon 2
Huon 3 Huon 4
Huon 1  


Cadbury Factory
I personally think Cadbury factory could have provide better experience for tourist if they let us walk through the factory floor (like Tsingdao beer factory in China). Well, I guess we just take what was provided.
Cadburry 1 Cadburry 2



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