Trip from Shanghai to Hongkong via Shenzhen

Based on Wangjianshuo’s journal entry I was trying to go through the same route as what he went through. However, I got different outcomes since I took more convenient approach by catching chartered bus rather than public bus as he has done.

I went to Hongkong via Shenzhen. The (one-way) ticket I bought few days before the departure day was around RMB 780. Return ticket also cost similar. I bought both tickets through at 50% discount rate. Although this sounds kind of weird for some of us, such huge discount is quite common here in China.

Once arrived in Shenzhen airport, directly at the main gate (i.e. after you picked up your baggage), there was a number of counter where you can buy bus tickets to go to Hongkong. The ticket cost RMB 90 and the whole trip took around 1.5 hours. These buses leave every 20-30 minutes. They will give you a sticker so they can easily identify your destination.


Bus coach counter Waiting lounge for the bus coach
This bus coach will stop at the custom building which has two sides. First, you will have to take all your baggage and passing through mainland custom, then there will be second counter where hongkong custom is located. Both are located under one roof, so it is quite convinient. Once you get out on the other side of the building, look at the right side as you go out the building. There was a number of buses waiting for you to continue your journey. If you are not sure which bus to catch, you can always ask people around. Noticing the sticker, they could easily tell you which one to catch next.
Bus coach stop
The bus stop-by on a number of stops, such as Airport express at Kowloon, Jordan (Nathan Rd), and others. All these stops mostly have MTR stations close-by, so it is pretty convenient. The ticket cost RMB 90. The whole trip took around 1.5 hours.

My way back from Hongkong to Shanghai though, is quite a different story. I took the bus coach from Hongkong Airport. It cost HKD 180, which should be around RMB 160. At the time, however, it became more expensive, since I only have RMB on my wallet. They do take RMB, but only with 1:1 exchange rate. Not fair, but there is no other choice. The local money changer wouldn’t take RMB for exchange.

Bus coach counter in HK airport

Waiting lounge at HK Airport
Bus coach bay at HK Airport  


Once arrived at Shenzhen airport, there are two terminals, so be sure you know the name of the airlines company that you going to board. I found the reception desk really kind and able to communicate good English. They can direct you to the right terminal, so there shouldn’t be any problem.

•    At least 3 hours before your plane departure from Shenzhen, you must have boarded the coach bus from Hongkong airport.
•    To save up money, keep some HKD for paying bus ticket on the way back.

Bus coach tickets

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